Lineup 2015


A racetrack is a test environment that does not favour chance. Start Lynx Rave and harness the winning technology. Feel the rush of adrenaline from the slightest touch of the throttle. Tame the roughest of bumps. Ride the Master of Nordic trails!

Deep Snow Sport

Life begins at the end of the trail. Enjoyment comes from bottomless powder snow and steep climbs. Heroes are those who are first to mark the top with their track - you and BoonDocker.


Could you give up the thrill of speed, if you could get comfort and good traction in unbroken snow in trade? Hardly. That's why the Lynx Xtrim model range was designed to offer both characteristics.


Recipe for a perfect weekend: take along your best friends, pack a hearty lunch and kindling and head for the wintry wilderness. On a Lynx touring snowmobile you will enjoy every moment of a winter day.


Some tasks must be taken care of regardless of the conditions. When two heroes of hard work, you and Lynx, get to it, things are not left half undone.