2024 Lynx Adventure Electric

Exclusive to
Uncharted Society outfitters

The First Lynx Electric Snowmobile Adventures

A brand new fully electric snowmobile experience designed for short-distance guided tours with Uncharted Society outfitters.


Locally emission-free snowmobile

The Lynx Adventure Electric clears a new path to connect with unique winter landscapes in a serene way, taking the meaning of ‘uncharted’ to new horizons!

Easy to Operate

Enticing experience for new riders

The Lynx Adventure Electric snowmobile provides riders with an easy learning curve that will have them exploring breathtaking wintery landscapes and enjoying the outdoors like never before.

Purpose built

Built for guided excursions

Quick, automotive-standard level 2 charging feature allows outfitters to quickly maintain full battery charge perfect for guided rides up to 50 km.

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Uncharted society

BRP's Uncharted Society offers you the chance to go on the ultimate snowmobile adventure and ride across some of the most stunning destinations.

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