We designed the Radien and Radien-X platform on the rider’s terms. Each and every technical detail has been thought through with handling, protection and comfort in mind. All Radien-platform Lynx snowmobiles have one thing in common – an unbeatable riding experience.



The Radien and Radien-X platforms provide a robust structure and optimized mass centralization. Its technical features make handling of the snowmobile easy in all riding conditions, and the refined ergonomics ensure riding comfort.


Radical mass centralization is base for solid riding experience. Bevelled tunnel together with slim seat and gas tank provides comfortable riding position and easy movement on sled. Integrated tunnel heat exchanger provides a lightweight and efficient cooling solution.


While the Lynx Snowmobiles share many components, each sled is specialized for its use. The Xterrain sets a new standard for adventure sleds, while new BoonDockers stretch the boundaries of our understanding of mobility and handling. With their Radien-X platform 49 Ranger and Commander snowmobiles provide a new riding experience for friends of narrow/wide -track utility sleds. Xtrim on-trail models, specialists in long day trips, have new Radien-X platform which takes maneuverability and comfort to the next level. The Rave models are the sportiest line in trails, while the wide-track 59 and 69 Ranger sleds are multifunctional rovers for difficult terrain.



The REX² design was developed by the terms of the rider. Narrowed at the top, the tunnel allows the use of a narrower seat and fuel tank, which provides a relaxed riding position. Weight transfer is effortless and it is easy to ride in a standing position on a bumpy trail. With a relaxed riding position and sufficient movement space, the sled is easy to control in all riding conditions.



The L-XU design is specialized for utility applications. The pyramid structure gives a high torsional rigidity to the frame so it withstands harsh use without fatigue. Narrowed at the top, the tunnel allows the use of a narrower seat and fuel tank, which provides a natural riding position in spite of a wide track. - In the wide-track L-XU models, the bevelled tunnel is highly beneficial as the seat and fuel tank are significantly narrower than in many other wide-track snowmobiles. Sports sled-like ergonomics facilitate the handling on trail and tough terrain