We are Lynx

Ready for action-packed winter?

Our 2024 sleds are tougher than ever. Smash the trail with the Rave, dominate the deep snow on the Shredder, or beat extreme conditions with the Xterrain, the new lineup takes extreme snowmobiling to a new level.

Forged in Finland

Lynx was born in the unforgiving Finnish winter and designed by people just as tough.Every mogul, trail and winter makes us tougher, smarter and more hardcore. And that goes double for our sleds.

In-built innovation

Every feature of our sleds builds the power and experience of our rides to new levels. Unique suspension. Turbo power. Rugged design. Anything but standard.

For hardcore riders

Lynx riders are built different. We’re on the snow from dawn till dusk, pushing to the limit. And our sleds match that and more – working hard so we can ride hard.

The Big Five

Defying the Impossible

Andreas Bergmark has spent years dreaming of creating the most insane moments in snowmobiling. They’re finally here in “The Big Five: Defying the Impossible”, a multi episode stunt series.

Owner Zone

Get your season started

Whether you’re new to the ride or a seasoned pro, we're here to make sure every ride is better for you and your crew. Dig into our manuals, maintenance tips, safety videos and more.