Lynx 2025 Snowmobiles

They're Finnish, they're unstoppable and they're here. The latest Lynx lineup has arrived to fire up your winter.

Tough and tougher

Led by the new Rave GLS and Brutal RE, our 2025 lineup puts snow season fully in its sights. Every model comes from the depths of the Finnish Lapland, so they pack some serious 'sisu'. Time to ride.

Deep dive the 2025 lineup

  • Rave


    Available this year only is the Rave GLS. Its 2-stroke Turbo R power and retro look honours 40 years of high performance trail domination.

  • Brutal


    If you're looking for serious muscle, the Brutal delivers. From rough country to deep snow, this is the sled to take you there, and get you back again.

  • Lynx XTerrain RE 2025


    Xterrain is the supreme crossover sled for both on and off trail riding. Scratch that itch for fast-paced, long-distance trail adventures.

  • Shredder


    Where the snow is thick or at altitude where the air is thin, performance and control are literally on another level with the Shredder.

Owner Zone

This is the place to be for any self-respecting sledhead so, if you love your Lynx, the zone is where you belong.

When you're not out on the snow, dive deeper into your Lynx experience. Learn about riding technique, sled maintenance, tips and tricks and much more. It makes owning one of our sleds even more rewarding.

We are Lynx

We are what we ride and that makes us unstoppable. From trail to mountain, we are built tough and born for the snow.

Every Lynx snowmobile is built at the Arctic Circle in Finland. And this gives every Lynx rider a toughness of spirit that means they too thrive in the harshest conditions. In Finnish, we call it 'sisu'.