How to Change the Chaincase Oil on your Lynx

If changing the chaincase oil on your Lynx Snowmobile is not part of your maintenance routine, it needs to be. Replacing the chaincase oil is essential to removing harmful contaminants and moisture that could cause serious concerns down the road. Luckily, this is a quick process that can be done in your own garage.

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When should I change my drive belt or chain case oil ?

At a minimum, your Lynx chaincase oil should be replaced every two years or 6000 km (about 4000 miles). Typically, the end of the season is best so your snowmobile chaincase does not sit in storage with potentially damaging contaminants inside it all summer.

If you’re logging a lot of kilometers, be sure to inspect chaincase oil levels every 3200 km or 2000 miles.


How to change the chaincase oil on a Lynx snowmobile

Tools Required:
- Chain Case Oil such as XPS
- Drain pan - 4.5mm or 3/16 Allen socket
- Flathead screwdriver
- Torque Wrench
- Funnel
- Rag
- Mechanic’s gloves
- Eye protection

1- Park your snowmobile on a level surface, remove the tether cord and remove the right side panel. You may find it easier to access below the sled if it’s on a lift, but it’s not required to complete the job.

2- Place your drain pan below the drain plug location under the right-side running board, and remove the drain plug with your Allen socket. This is located on the right side of the snowmobile through small hole in the belly pan.
Oil will immediately start flowing out of the chaincase once the plug is removed. Be sure your drain pan is properly placed, and you wear mechanics gloves or have a rag handy. With the drain plug removed, you can also remove the top fill cap by prying it off with a flat head screwdriver. This will help all the old oil drain out completely.

3- Wipe the drain plug clean and place it back into the drain hole once the old oil has finished. Carefully start threading the plug by hand taking care not to cross-thread it. Torque to 6 N-m or 53.10 in-lbs.

4- Remove the check plug on the side of the chaincase.

5- With your funnel, carefully fill the chaincase with fresh chaincase oil that meets the specifications found in your Lynx Operator’s Guide. If you’re using the recommended XPS Chaincase Oil, it comes with the proper amount for your Lynx snowmobile. If using a different oil, fill until the fresh oil just starts to drip out of the check plug hole.

6- Carefully replace the check plug by hand so as not to cross-thread and tighten. Pop the rubber fill cap back into place.

7- Wipe any excess oil from around the chaincase and inspect for leaks around the drain plug.

8- Always dispose of used oil responsibly. If you’re not sure where your nearest oil drop station is located, contact your local municipality.


With a completed Lynx snowmobile chaincase oil replacement under your belt, you’re ready to buckle your helmet and get back to the ride!

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