Discover our 2023 lineup.

More power. More control. More hardcore.


Can you handle the deep?

The Shredder is a hardcore mountain beast trained for deep snow rides. It blends explosive turbo power with precision handling and unique suspension; all battle-tested on Finnish terrain.


Are you ready to cross over?

Introducing the most powerful Lynx crossover of all time. The XTerrain boasts epic acceleration, unique PPS suspension and brutally tough design – making it the ultimate cross-terrain sled.


Ready to lead the pack?

Take moguls in your stride with our race-born Rave RE – a trail-slaying beast, thanks to our all-new PPS³ suspension and rugged rail reinforcements.

2023 Riding Gear

From superb base layers to no-compromise riding gear developed in co-operation with pro riders, we’ve got you covered.

2023 Accessories

Everything you need to equip your sled for all the winter’s adventures. Check out what’s new for 2023.

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There's so much more to discover

Extend the thrills beyond Lynx and experience what our other powersports brands have to offer. There’s plenty of playgrounds to explore for every rider (and ride)!