Top 5 accessories for trail riding

Lynx ambassador Joni Maununen embarked on a memorable sled adventure when he rode the Lynx Xterrain RE 850 E-TEC crossover snowmobile for more than 5,500 kilometers across Finland, Norway and Sweden in two weeks. On a long journey, the importance of being equipped cannot be overstated. Here are Joni's choices for the five most important Lynx accessories for trail riding.

LinQ Sport Bag

The LinQ Sport Bag is an absolute must-have on a trail adventure. It can hold all the most important travel gear, from spare clothes to snacks and hygiene products. Especially on long trips, it's important to be prepared for any adversity in the wilderness. That's why I always carry first aid supplies, multiple fire-starting tools, and various other aids like cargo straps, zip ties, and gorilla tape in the bag.

The LinQ bag is quick to attach and detach and can be conveniently taken with you to the accommodation. The bag is also easy to pack indoors before departure. The goods should be packed as tightly as possible so that they do not bounce and hit against each other on the trail. It is advisable to keep snacks separate from clothes and preferably packed in a hard box.

LinQ Jerry Can & Oil Caddy

On extended journeys, it's advisable to carry additional fuel and oil cans. Refueling points can be scarce, particularly in remote areas like Lapland, and you never know when a remote fuel distributor might unexpectedly close. Also, heavy weather conditions can be surprising, leading to higher than usual fuel consumption.

The Oil Caddy easily mounts atop the Jerry Can, ensuring ample space for the bag in the rear. It's best to attach the fuel tanks to the front LinQ mounts to keep the snowmobile's center of gravity as centered as possible.

Having extra gasoline and oil at the rear of the sled provides peace of mind during the journey. The assurance of ample fuel reduces the stress of worrying about the next gas station while riding.

Handlebar Bag

In the handlebar bag, I keep items that need to be quickly accessible during breaks. It holds, among other things, my phone, chocolate bars, and a water bottle.

The handlebar bag has a 3-watt heater-equipped insulated pocket that can be heated using the heat visor's wiring harness. The heated pocket is especially great in cold weather, as it keeps water bottles from freezing and the phone battery warm.

BRP Tool Kit

I never go riding without a toolkit. The BRP toolkit includes practically all the essential tools needed in case of an unexpected incident. The tools are sturdy and high quality, and they are packed in a compact package, so the set doesn't take up much space.

Ice Scratchers

Especially when riding on crusty snow in the spring and on snow-scarce lake surfaces, ice scratchers, also known as ice rakes, are absolutely top equipment. The skid plastics of the snowmobile heat up quickly and wear out if no loose snow is flying onto the (hyfax) sliders. Ice scratchers claw up loose snow from the riding surface while driving, which cools and lubricates the sliders.

Ice scratchers also help keep engine temperatures in check in conditions where no loose snow is thrown onto the cooling fins from a hard trail.

The current models of ice scratchers allow for reversing, so there's no need to constantly attach and release them.

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