• Group of friends on their Lynx during an Uncharted Society adventure

    Uncharted Society

    BRP's Uncharted Society offers you the chance to go on the ultimate snowmobile adventure and ride across some of the most stunning destinations.

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  • Ski-Doo 2023 Deep Snow lineup

    Getting Started

    New Lynx snowmobile owner and don't know where to start? Here's a quick guide to help you get riding on the snowy terrain

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  • Lynx Masterclass with Janne Tapio


    For those who are always chasing the next level. Sharpen up your skills and tune up your sleds. Our riders and engineers show you how to make the most out of everyday on snow.

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  • Pre Season sled session


    Get helpful tips and tricks on different topics to improve your snowmobile experience. Read the latest articles of our blog now!

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