Riding with women


Snowmobile riding trips are always fun, but there’s something special about it when it’s a girls’ trip. And I’m not talking about one of those trips to the spa and getting your nails done, but one of those sweaty ones smelling of gas and oil, where nails get broken, and no one’s hair is in the right place.

While among guys, there’s often an effort to show off to your friends, when riding with women, I’ve felt that there’s no need to act any cooler or more confident than you are feeling. It’s ok to say:” I’m a bit nervous; I’ve never done this before,” or “Shoot, that looks scary, but I want to try anyway.” It’s ok to ask for tips. It’s ok to admit uncertainty or inexperience.

Because rather than succeeding in everything and looking tough, really the coolest thing is to exceed our expectations of what we’re capable of. And that hardly comes without ever failing on the way.


I love riding with women who share my passion for motorsports and adventures.


While it’s fun to ride and look like a natural badass, the triumph doubles when you get out of your comfort zone to try something new, mess it up a few times looking nothing like a badass, then gather your guts and finally succeed. And the triumph triples when you can share it with friends – all the emotions and stages on the way. The uncertainty and the failures. The determination and awakening of your sisu. The learning and the success. And the absolute joy and bliss of it all.

On those girls’ rides, when we see our riding buddy succeed, we cheer for her and share her excitement. When we see her fail, we say: “Oh yeah, that spot is super tricky; that could have totally been me getting that sled stuck. Need help? Want to go again?”.

We can multiply our joy of riding and learning by sharing each other’s successes, taking part in the triumph whether it is your own or achieved by your friend. In my experience, this is something that women especially are great at.

I’m not trying to say men suck or anything of a sort. You guys are great, keep the show going! I’m simply saying: women, you rock. Keep on riding. And keep on sharing.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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