Conquering the Arctic

Rider on a Lynx Commander Limited snowmobile in the mountains

Meet the Lynx Commander Limited 900 ACE Turbo: your winter workhorse and adventure buddy


Nestled in the snow-draped landscapes of Northern Finland, Timo Veijalainen embarks on a mission each winter to carve out trails that beckon adventure seekers into the frosty wilderness. Timo's companion in this endeavor? The Lynx Commander crossover snowmobile, a robust and reliable stalwart that doubles as a thrill-seeker’s delight when duty gives way to play.


For Timo Veijalainen, the Lynx Commander Limited crossover snowmobile serves as a tool for both work and play. During winter, Timo and the Commander take on the primary task of crafting and maintaining trails for hikers and bikers.



Building winter trails: a snowmobile's herculean task

The first time I straddled a Lynx Commander, I was venturing into the world of winter trail creation at the Ylläs ski resort. It didn't take long to recognize that the Commander was in a league of its own, a stark contrast to the older work sleds I had previously commanded. Designing and maintaining trails for winter cyclists and hikers rapidly transitioned from a task to my trade. Here I am, eight years on, buzzing with anticipation for the trail work season ahead. My garage houses the 2023 Lynx Commander Limited 900 ACE Turbo; not just a machine, but the MVP among my co-workers. It's fresh off a winter where we blazed through 4,000 kilometers and clocked hundreds of operational hours.

Above the Arctic Circle, trail making begins as early as November or the traditional mid-December start, stretching the season past five months at its peak. Throughout, my snowmobile must be versatile enough to face diverse challenges head-on.

Winter trails take shape in stages. It kicks off with careful planning and preparing the base, followed by marking and clearing the pathway of obstructive trees and branches. As winter deepens, the trails demand regular grooming and snow plowing to stay in pristine condition.

Initial trail laying is a strategic endeavor, where each path is carefully charted on fresh snow. Upon finding the perfect course, the priming process commences. This involves repeatedly driving over the trail, carving a wide and durable base to withstand the season's wear and tear. New trails sprout throughout the winter, ensuring a smooth ride from the first snow to the dense fluff of midwinter.

Part of maintaining these winter trails includes the marking of routes. Signs and marking sticks needed along the way can be conveniently transported in a LinQ Deluxe sleigh.



The fresh snow can be treacherous, hiding rocks and stumps beneath its sparkling surface. To safeguard my ride, I’ve outfitted it with a Heavy-Duty skid plate, an essential shield against the hidden perils of the Arctic. With the upcoming season in mind, an additional bumper will fortify the sled's front end.

With the trails primed, the next phase involves marking and potential clearing operations. My Commander is now kitted out with a chainsaw holder fastened at the rear, a practical addition that simplifies the task of woodcutting. Marker sticks and route markers are a breeze to carry in the sleigh.

Maintaining the trails is where the Commander flexes its muscles, towing a snow groomer-plow duo through the wilderness. Depending on the day’s task, the groomer compacts or clears the snow to maintain the trail's condition. The Commander's 130-horsepower turbo engine proves invaluable, especially when the trails wind up steep inclines. I’ve yet to find a hill it can’t conquer.

In the winter trail tasks, the Commander faces rigorous stress. Plowing through routes, for instance, it contends with substantial towing resistance in the soft snow.

This demanding work continues through fluctuating winter temps, from mild freezes to biting cold, often requiring hours of relentless effort in a single shift. Through snowstorms and ice, the Commander perseveres, its reliability unmatched during these extended outings.



From professional work to passionate play

What’s wonderful is that the Lynx Commander doesn't just shine in trail work; it's also an asset in my professional photography pursuits, easing the transport of bulky equipment across the expansive Lapland wilderness. When I’m on a photo shoot, a LinQ sleigh with a spacious 135-liter cargo box trails behind, safeguarding my gear.

While I chose the Commander for its industrious spirit, its versatility for leisure was equally important. Beyond its muscle, the snowmobile's handling, suspension, and ergonomic design offer comfort and pleasure on leisurely outings as well.

Being tall, I appreciate the Commander's ergonomics even more. The well-designed cockpit and suspension system make for pain-free, comfortable long rides, which are a blessing after strenuous workdays.


For Timo, hauling heavy loads of firewood in the late winter offers recreational pleasure, but it's all in a day's work for the sled. The Commander's 130-horsepower turbo engine effortlessly tows even the heaviest of loads. The chainsaw holder affixed to the sled's rear proves to be a handy helper on the job.



In leisure, the snowmobile serves as my passport to Lapland's vast trails network, which can range from pillowy snowbanks to challenging, uneven terrains. The Commander tackles them all with gusto. The removable passenger seat and adjustable suspension transform it into the perfect companion for joyrides with family or friends.

Even outside of trail work, the Commander proves its mettle in logging. Hauling heavy logs becomes effortless, thanks to the robust engine. The chainsaw holder, initially for trail work, has become indispensable for gathering firewood come spring.

If I had to pick one word that sums up the Lynx Commander, it would be “adaptable”. It’s not reduced to a single role; it’s my reliable partner for both work and play. That versatility makes it the ultimate ally against the rigorous northern winters.


Just another day at the office. Working outdoors brings with it the inherent reward of stunning landscapes.

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