The Lynx Story

Welcome to Northern Finland,
the harsh home of Lynx


Welcome to Northern Finland, the harsh home of Lynx. Here, the unforgiving winter lasts half the year and the dark wilderness skies are brightened only by the Northern Lights. It’s the only place on earth tough enough to inspire the creation of something as fierce, rugged and resilient as Lynx snowmobiles.

For more than five decades Lynx have made snowmobiles worthy of nature’s most challenging trails. The kinds that start from the back yard of our factory on the Arctic Circle. And they’ve been developed and ridden by riders as tough as the sleds themselves.

From a humble local workshop and a few gutsy enthusiasts to a riding phenomenon that has crossed continents, Lynx today is more than a vehicle brand. It is an enduring passion, passed on from one generation to the next. We are Lynx and this is our story.