Nordic-Style Riding Come to North America


"In a surprise move, BRP has brought its best-selling European snowmobile brand—Lynx—to North America. The move marks the first time in decades that a new sled brand has been introduced to the region, and it brings with it an entirely new Nordic riding style, something that many advanced riders have been craving for years." - Steve Janes, Snowest

Lynx Snowmobiles, Coming To America For 2022


"The rumors are finally true: After truly decades of innuendo and speculation that Lynx brand snowmobiles from Finland might just become available in North America some day, BRP officials announced today that three model of Ski-Doo’s sister brand will be available on this side of the big pond (the Atlantic Ocean) for model year 2022." - John Prusak, SnowGoer

Riding the 2022 Lynx Rave RE


"Don't try and chase your pal into the big bumps if he or she is on a RAVE Lynx. You simply cannot go faster in the whoops than on this sled."

2022 Lynx BoonDocker


"The Lynx is easy and precise control. It pulls hard and displays strong power and brute performance from perfect powder days to the not so perfect hard crusty snow days."