the Ice with Colton Sturm

Colton Sturm

Lynx Rave RE 850 E-TEC,
Lynx Xterrain RE 850 E-TEC

Lives  - Nisswa, Minnesota, USA

Style  - Trail & Off Trail


I will be splitting up my riding on two different Lynx sleds this winter. I’ll spend a good amount of time on the Rave, and a lot of time on the Xterrain 850. My riding style is a bit of everything, but most of the time it’s high-speed and extremely aggressive, and both Rave RE and Xterrain RE can handle everything I throw at it. I also love the feeling of playing in the mountains but I love the rush of flying through the wooded trails with buddies more. But I could have fun on a utility sled going ice fishing. If it’s a snowmobile I love it!

For me, being a Lynx rider is more than just the brand. It’s the heritage that comes with it. Very rugged, out early and out late! Not afraid of a challenge, in fact welcoming the challenges that you come across. It’s very cool to be a part of the Lynx family of tough riders.


My father lived and breathed sleds and he instilled that in me. My first memory on a snowmobile was when I was about 5. I sat in front of my father on his Mach 1 going across the lake. My mother was on her Mach Z (AKA “Little Precious”) and my uncle, Tubby, on his sled going to get dinner. My first ride on my own, however, was when I turned 7 and my father got me a Mini Z. I would run laps in the front yard till I ran out of fuel and he had to come fill it up and I would keep going. One of my main core memories!

Things started getting more serious when we got into snocross and started racing hillcross and I was winning a lot in hillcross. We took it very seriously then but never lost the love for all the fun we would squeeze in on a sled between wrenching and racing.


Before I learned about Sisu, I just would always say life has its ups and downs and things go wrong - you just have to deal with it. I remember when I was up at my cabin and we got stuck in a huge white out storm on our way home for a long ride. We had about 100 miles to go and it was dark out. We could hardly see the trail and it was freezing. Not the most fun, but in the moment it was very cool to change your mind set and power through. We were freezing and we couldn't see much of anything, but we pushed through to get home!

I love facing those challenges! They give me an awesome feeling of accomplishment and keep teaching me I can push further. They let me know I’m getting outside my comfort zone which is where growth happens.

Fast Facts

On the playlist

I’ll be jamming ranges from Kid Cudi to Frank Sinatra and everything in between!

Must-haves on a sled trip

I always have my BRP tool kit, a 10-inch crescent wrench, Leatherman and a full bag of yellow tie down straps without hooks with me.

Bucket list riding destination

If you could take your Lynx Anywhere?

Scandinavia! Those trails and countryside look amazing! I would also love to ride in Japan.

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