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Colton Sturm

Lynx Rave

Lives  - Nisswa, MN

Style  - Trail

Riding a sled that is totally new to North America is such a cool feeling. My first ride on the Lynx Rave felt awesome – the way this sled handles in rough conditions made me fall in love with sledding even more. My riding style is a bit of everything, but most of the time it’s high-speed and extremely aggressive, and the sled could handle everything I threw at it. It truly felt limitless under me: rough trails, tight turns, big jumps, even some deep snow. The sled is like a multi tool! It can pretty much do it all!

My father lived and breathed for sleds and he instilled that in me. When I was 6 he gave me a Ski-doo Mini-Z for Christmas. It has been in our blood to be on a snowmobile for as long as I can remember. The feeling of traveling through the forest and exploring the country on the sled – cutting across lakes and ditch banging and racing down trails is just a sweet feeling!

To me, sisu means perseverance – really sticking it out. In 2015, I heard X Games was bringing hillcross back. I was already a two-time pro champ in hillcross but I had retired for four years, hadn’t touched a sled. But I couldn’t resist the challenge. My father built the turbo sled and we got back into racing. At the qualifier I bent my rails, got landed on twice and kept getting taken out. It was extra frustrating. Every race that I didn’t get taken out I would win by a healthy lead, so I knew it was down to bad luck. But I pushed through and qualified for the winter X Games. That took sisu, to make my father’s and my dream come true.

Fast Facts

On the playlist

I love Kid Cudi. Mr. Rager is probably my number one song to get me pumped up.

Must-haves on a sled trip

I always have a 10” crescent wrench with me. I’ve used that more than anything! I’ll use it as a hammer, a pry bar or even a brace to help limp yourself out when you break an A Arm on a stump. That and a Snickers bar.

Bucket list riding destination

If you could take your Lynx Anywhere?

Japan or back to its homeland, Finland! It would be sweet to be able to ride sleds at the North Pole.

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