Joni Maununen

Lynx BoonDocker

Lives  - Ivalo, Finland

Style  - Deep snow, trail, utility and many more

Fast paced riding in woods and hills gets my adrenaline levels up. I also like long distance adventures on and off trail, with my friends or just by myself. I like the landscape changing around me when riding. Mostly I ride with BoonDocker 3700 RE and 3900 DS models. With RE I can ride everywhere, it allows you to go fast and hard. For longer distance rides I just switch trail seat and higher windshield on it. DS is my choice for deep snow. It’s very agile and effortless to ride and it goes pinpoint the line that you want. I also like calmer riding with wide-track models like Commander or Xterrain Brutal. Belonging to Lynx family means a lot of for me and has been a kind of dream since childhood. It was a huge thing for me to get first time to ride with gentlemen Pauli Piippola and Janne Tapio. I was so excited about it that I couldn’t even get the sleep night before!

I was 4 when I rode snowmobile the first time. Three years later I got my first own sled, Ski-Doo Citation. I got my first Lynx when I was 11. I traded my moped to wrecked GLX 5900, which I fixed. Going reverse was the coolest thing with that! I had dreamed of the sled with reverse for long time. I’ve ridden a lot on snow, but also on water in watercross. I’ve been riding in many Finnish sled films. Maybe the coolest thing was to get involved in the Nitro Circus Finland episode. Snowmobiling has always meant a lifestyle for me. I feel love for it.

Long distance adventures across wilderness require sisu. There’s something fascinating in those journeys because I go on those trips every year after another. The moments, when you shut down the engine in wilderness and just listen the silence and sounds of nature, are gorgeous. And at the same moment when you realize that there’s no network on your phone, you really understand that you are in the middle of nowhere.

Fast Facts

On the playlist

Rock, metal, Finnish schlagers and other brisk songs.

Must-haves on a sled trip

Light equipment that fits to glove box and handlebar bag. Phone with charger, water bottles, BRP tool box, lighter, chocolate bars and food for day trips.

Bucket list riding destination

If you could take your Lynx Anywhere?

Russia, USA and all other places with snow. There’s many locations still in Finland that I haven’t seen on sled yet.

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