Breaking the Ice with Sami Hyypiä

Sami Hyypiä

Lynx Rave RE

Lives  - Porvoo, Finland

Style  - Trail


As a trail sledder, my choice is the Lynx Rave RE 850 E-TEC snowmobile. The 850 engine suits me much better than the 600cc – what I like about it is that the engine has some oomph in it when I need it. The powerful engine also brings an appropriate level of challenge to the sled, so that it requires a bit of physique from the rider. The best thing about Rave RE is the suspension, for which they’ve found a great balance in terms of comfort and performance. The sled is extremely stable to ride and doesn’t do anything surprising in any situation. The new brakes are effective and are a clear improvement over its predecessor. I mostly ride in Lapland, where the winters are sure to have snow. I go to stay at a cabin in Levi, where there are a lot of options on which direction you want to head to and you can also go very far. The trails there are very well taken care of also. I get the greatest pleasure in sporty riding, which I think equals working out. I like it when we go fast on trails, not admiring the scenery. As a Lynx rider I feel that I get to ride on the world’s best snowmobile. Lynx’s reputation reached me after I started sledding at a later age on another brand.


I tried sledding the first time only as an adult during my football career. It was at a frozen lake with little snow, and at the time it didn’t ignite a spark in me. I really got bitten by a sledding fly years later when I was staying in a cabin in Lapland, and I got to ride a bit more. Every winter I’ve ridden more than before, and last winter I rode over 5,500km on my Rave RE. With experience my riding technique has developed along with my trust in the sled. You can only learn to ride by riding!


So far I haven’t been pushed that far while sledding, that it would have required sisu. Those experiences are more related to my career in sports: on the football field I often encountered situations, where you needed sisu.
Everyone has their own ways of coping, where you need more strength and you need to be able to go forward despite the obstacles. I feel I am mentally strong and equipped to handle those situations. Sometimes you just need to be able to squeeze that little bit more out of yourself and a bit further. The reward can be found in the destination, which keeps motivating me to push past those challenges in the future as well.

Fast Facts

On the playlist

Anything based on how I feel – from JVG even to classical music. Finnish schlagers however don’t really do it for me.

Must-haves on a sled trip

Warm clothes and good riding gear. A phone is a must-have.

Bucket list riding destination

If you could take your Lynx Anywhere?

I’ve been invited to go to Iceland to sled and that would be a great experience to have. There are also a lot of places in Finnish Lapland where I’ve yet to ride.

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