The Big five

Defying the Impossible

Andreas Bergmark spent years dreaming of creating the biggest moments in extreme snowmobiling. “The Big Five: Defying the Impossible,” is a multi-episode stunt series that goes behind the scenes to show how he made these seemingly impossible moments a reality.

Each logic-defying episode takes you on a journey inside the mind of the world's most extreme rider to feel the emotion and passion poured into these insane scenarios. You'll have a frontrow seat of the strenght, commitment and courage it takes to conquer five incredible feats that will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat.

Episode 1: The Gap


After spotting the jump of his dreams, Andreas plans his way back to British Columbia, praying the conditions allow him to attempt such a massive flight.

Episode 2: The Barrel


Andreas put his persistence and Lynx toughness on full display as he attempts something no one has done on a sled before.

Episode 3: The Front Flip


Andreas pushes every limit as he looks to nail a first front flip on a snowmobile. He needs a flawless plan, a tough Lynx sled and enough momentum to stick the landing on a higher spot than his starting point.

Episode 4: The Alley Oop


Andreas takes on a classic BMX and skateboarding stunt, attempting the challenging alley-oop jump on a snowmobile during his Riksgränsen winter adventure.

Lynx Shredder: The Ultimate Thrill Ride

Ultimate Agility

Lightweight Radien² Platform

With unparalleled agility and uncompromising performance, the Lynx Shredder is built on the responsive and nimble Radien² Platform that enables riders to push limits farther than ever.


Reliable Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R Engine - 180HP

The 180-HP Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R is the ultimate advantage over any terrain. With instant throttle response and smooth, predictable power delivery, it's a hard core rider's best friend.

Robust Capability

Premium shock package built for going bigger

A suspension worthy of the fiercest terrain. Optimize the ride for the most demanding conditions with high-capacity KYB Kashima shock package that cushions even the harshest of landings.

Meet Andreas

Just who is Andreas Bergmark?

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