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Lynx Rave RS 600RS E-TEC 2023

Lynx Rave RS 600RS E-TEC, the most successful race sled of all-time on European snowcross tracks, will return for the 2023 season with sharpened nails. Featuring an impressive bunch of pure-blood racing features, the Rave RS is built to continue the dominance that the model is known for.  Following the tradition, the new Lynx race sled was released at Rovaniemi Kelekkamessut snowmobile fair 5th November. 


2023 Rave RS 600RS E-TEC highlights


  • Radien-RS platform
  • Recalibrated Rotax 600RS E-TEC engine
  • PPS2-3500-R rear suspension with 390 mm travel 
  • LFS Racing front suspension with 255 mm travel
  • KYB PRO RS 46 HLCR Kashima shocks 
  • 381 x 3487 x 44 mm track
  • 1092 mm ski stance
  • Racing pDrive primary clutch and Team TTS-04 driven clutch
  • Brembo Racing 4-piston brake
  • Pilot Racing skis
  • RS Seat
  • New coloration

Lynx Rave RS 600RS is built on Radien-RS chassis and its uniqueness is the short rear chassis and the flexible rear part made of polyethylene. The flexible rear part, unlike the aluminum tunnel, is easy, quick and inexpensive to change in case of breakage. The support plate of the rear part is designed to prevent snow buildup on the running boards. 

Rave RE 600RS E-TEC 2023


Featuring the PPS2-3500-R rear suspension and LFS Racing front suspension, the Rave RS is made to tame the harshest moguls and biggest jumps the snowcross tracks can offer. With long suspension travel and three-way adjustable (high and low compression & rebound damping) KYB PRO RS 46 HLCR Kashima shock absorbers, the suspension is fully tuneable for various track conditions and for riders with different riding styles and preferences.  

The Rave RS 600RS race sled is powered by super powerful and responsive Rotax 600RS E-TEC engine with electrical direct injection. For the 2023 season the engine gets new calibrations to offer even better throttle response and better acceleration from the starting line

The Rotax 600RS E-TEC engine features E-TEC direct injection that consistently delivers quick response and perfect calibration no matter the altitude or weather conditions, meaning racers and their crew have less to worry about. Features include booster injectors first deployed on the Rotax 850 E-TEC, a short intake tract with double reeds and digital eRAVE. Engine calibration refinement for 2023, focused on better low RPM and low vehicle speed responsiveness to provide more power out of deep holes or under heavy load conditions – letting racers accelerate faster.


Sideview view of the PPS2-3500-R rear suspension

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