Lynx Accessories

Lynx snowmobile accessories will ensure the perfect winter adventure for you and your vehicle.

  • LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag

    LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag

    Expandable bag from 9 to 30 liter capacity with Watertight (with TiZip )—our highest level of waterproofing.

  • LinQ Adventure tunnel bag

    LinQ Adventure tunnel bag

    Perfect bag for additional storage. It has multiple compartments, separators and fixation points for hooks or bungee cords, plus an inner soft pocket to safely store your goggles.

  • E LinQ

    E LinQ

    E LinQ accessory combines the DESS and accessory cords into one easy and quick magnetic connection that self locates. It frees you up to enjoy every minute on the deep snow and the trails.

  • LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy - 4 gallons

    LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy - 4 gallons

    Quick, easy and secure installation with LinQ system. Single LinQ tunnel bag or LinQ oil caddy stacks on top for more storage.

  • Glovebox extension

    Glovebox extension

    Increases storage by an additional 6 L capacity. The door allows for perfect positionning and mounting of the Cellphone holder.

  • Cell phone Holder

    Cell phone Holder

    New design is independent of the Glovebox Extension door. The water-resistant door allows for perfect phone positioning and heating element preserves cellphone battery longer.

  • Auxiliary LED Light

    Auxiliary LED Light

    New innovative riser light. Easy to operate with a fold down mechanism. Perfect for the extend few hours on the snow.

  • High Beam Auxiliary Light

    High Beam Auxiliary Light

    Doubles the stock highbeam output. Light covers more distance for great night visibility.

  • Low Windshield

    Low Windshield

    Low height - 14" (36 cm) in length. Offers additionnal wind protection with integrated style.

  • Adventure Front Bumper

    Adventure Front Bumper

    Made of stacked lightweight aluminum plates. It makes a visual impact and provides added protection

  • Full Body Skid Plate

    Full Body Skid Plate

    Injection molded process delivers clean lines, a perfect fit and easier installation. Smooth surfaces reduce drag.

  • Sled Cover for 1-Up Seat

    Sled Cover for 1-Up Seat

    Provide protection for your snowmobile. Easy to install and stays on even in hard wind.

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