How to pick the top backcountry accessories for your Lynx

Lynx snowmobile riders are known for conquering the most demanding winter terrain on Earth. Challenging conditions are just a small bump in the road when your snowmobile is properly equipped with right gear and accessories. These are the top 5 Lynx backcountry riding accessories to level up the intensity on every ride.

1- LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy: Expand the range and adventure possibilities in every ride. Prepare for anything with 15 liters (4 US gallons) of extra fuel that push every adventure a little further with added peace of mind.


2- LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag: A Lynx rider’s favorite cargo carrying companion. Just one of several LinQ bags available, the Deep Snow Pro Bag can be paired and stacked on top of the LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy to expand storage possibilities. It adds expandable storage – up to 30 liters – and offers the highest level of waterproofing with a watertight TiZip closure. A bright yellow interior makes locating small objects extremely easy.


3- Auxiliary LED Headlight: Cleverly designed with a fold-down functionality. Flip it up to instantly add 1,375 lumens of light to brighten any trail or find your way through the backcountry. Crystal clear vision adds incredible confidence to any ride – no matter what the conditions put in your path.


4- Skid Plate: The same way a helmet protects a rider’s most valuable asset, the skid plate adds an extra layer of protection to some of your Lynx snowmobile’s vital components – like brakes and other internal mechanical components. It also reduces drag and provides a smooth surface to help your sled easily glide across the snow or over hidden objects.


5- Lynx Rider Avalanche Education: The most valuable thing you can add to your Lynx snowmobile arsenal is improved rider education – particularly when it comes to avalanche terrain and backcountry safety. While deep snow avalanches aren’t as common in our Scandinavian homeland, our North American deep-snow riders face these conditions nearly every time they hit the snow. Taking advantage of any avalanche safety education online or the free classes offered at BRP dealerships will continually improve rider education and make sure every rider returns home, ready for their next adventure.

With these Lynx snowmobile backcountry accessory must-have items in hand, you’re sure to push every adventure to the limits and beyond.

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