What should I never leave home without when trail riding?

Venla Jyrkinen is a passionate snowmobiler who enjoys the sport in all its forms. Long-distance rides, deep snow adventures, and picking up speed on trails and racetracks – she loves it all. Read below Venla’s tips on the must-have accessories for a trail ride.  

1. GPS device.

A snowmobile is made for adventures, but you need to be the leader and show the way. GPS is a needed companion if you are looking to explore trails outside your familiar terrain.

2. Spare clothing.

Enjoying the winter wonderland is one of the highlights of snowmobiling. It is however necessary to respect nature and be prepared for any conditions it provides. A change of dry clothing is essential, as well as additional layers for extra warmth.

3. First aid kit.

Although I always wear full safety gear when riding (helmet, neck brace, chest protector, knee braces) unexpected things can happen and it is best to prepare for the worst. Make sure your first aid kit contains an emergency blanket. I always also carry matches and a knife when riding on backcountry trails and tracks.

4. A spare belt and tools.

It’s wise to also think about the vehicle and its needs when planning a trip. With a spare belt and a few tools, you can address any minor issues that might otherwise cut the adventure short.

5. A mobile phone / satellite communication device.

I love the feeling of freedom when riding and enjoy being out of reach even for just a little while. Sometimes it is necessary to be able to contact the outside world and even call for help, therefore I always carry a phone or a satellite communication device with me.

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