Mariell Kvickström

Lynx BoonDocker

Lives  - Skellefteå, Sweden

Style  - Deep Snow

I love to jump and just play around having a blast. Take the days as they come, usually with adrenaline, laughs, learning and developing – and spending time and travel with my close and new friends. Being outdoor with people around you. The most amazing feeling. I ride both the BoonDocker RE 3700 and the BoonDocker DS 3900 models. The DS is perfect for me in deep snow, climbing mountains and treeriding. The RE 3700 is my all-time-favorite and I really love that machine. It is so playful and ready to go from the moment you take it out from the store. Becoming a Lynx ambassador is a dream come true for me. I trust my sleds and it’s so cool that they are developed and made in Finland. I get a feeling of home some way.

We are outdoor people in my family and snowmobiles have been a natural part of our life. When I was a kid, we spent almost every weekend and holiday in our cabin in Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden, and there I also had my first rides. We used snowmobile every day to get water or wood to the cabin but also to go out for icefishing or making tracks. We always took a ride, made a fire and cooked food outdoors and just spent time with our friends. Every year we went to the mountains with our sleds and took longer rides mostly to enjoy the views together. 2014 I bought a new sled and really spent most of my time during the winter trying to learn riding as much as possible. That was also the year I tried jumping first times.

I’m eager to learn but I get bored when things go to easy. A few years ago I skipped some chapters and took a lot bigger jumps than I was ready for yet. I had some crashes and I injured my back and got stuck in my mind – I didn’t trust myself anymore. I really had to take few steps back, start over and practice all the basics again. That asked sisu to go through that. I feel that last season it finally paid off. I found my joy in jumping again and got my confidence back.

Fast Facts

On the playlist

Anything that makes me move or sing a little ugly.

Must-haves on a sled trip

The number one is a first aid kit in the backpack – the help is mostly a while away. Avalanche equipment is also important. Shovel with saw, goggle lenses, clothes, chocolate and something to eat and drink.

Bucket list riding destination

If you could take your Lynx Anywhere?

Canada of course!

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