E-TEC SHOT Starter

Save your Energy

During a day riding in the mountains, you either had to pull-start your sled dozens of times or lug around 9 kilograms of electric starter. Either way, it’s energy you’re not using having fun. With the E-TEC SHOT starter, you pull start once in the morning, then push-button start the rest of the day. And it only weighs 0.9 kg more than pull-start.


It's like something out of science fiction – you just push a button to start your sled, yet the system weighs next to nothing. Now as standard for Shredder DS and Shredder RE models.


SHOT starting is only possible with advanced Rotax® E-TEC technology. After a first pull-start, the engine charges a lightweight ultracapacitor. For later starts, that stored energy turns the magneto into an electric motor; it turns the crank and E-TEC does the rest.