Jussi Pennanen

Lynx BoonDocker

Lives  - Joensuu, Finland

Style  - Deep snow

Riding in deep snow – that’s my bag! I like to ride technical, wooded terrain and that’s the environment that BoonDocker DS is at its best. Especially I like its precise and effortless handling combined to its stability in sidehilling. It has been great to note, how the sled has came better and better year-by-year. At the moment, BoonDocker DS just an excellent sled in deep snow. It is a true honor to be part of Lynx family. I feel privileged when I can ride these great sleds and being involved to develop them to be even better.

I was 4 when I sat first time on snowmobile as a passenger. I got excited right away. My love for the snowmobiling strengthened with more experience. When my family finally got our own sled, that was it! I remember watching sled races from television when I was young. I dreamed that some day, when get older, I would do something with snowmobiling. This vision has guided me over the years and here we are. Nowadays I’m able to ride a lot and do many nice things relating to snowmobiling. What I also enjoy, is that I can help other people with snowmobiling.

Riding in deep snow in itself require sisu and perseverance. You cannot become a good rider without practicing same things dozens or even hundreds of times. At first you will experience a lot of failures but at the end, success is very rewarding. My motto is, don’t give up but try again!

Fast Facts

On the playlist

Various, but mostly dance and techno music.

Must-haves on a sled trip

First aid and survival kit with mid-layer jacket and pants. You never know what happens and you have to prepare to spend even overnight in the woods. It’s always possible that someone else needs help.

Bucket list riding destination

If you could take your Lynx Anywhere?

I’ve ridden in several places but I would like to ride at least in Central Europe, Japan, America and Svalbard.

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