Lynx Accessories

Lynx snowmobile accessories will ensure the perfect winter adventure for you and your vehicle.

  • Storage & Cargo
  • Windshield & Mirrors

    Windshield & Mirrors

    Extras providing aerodynamics and visibility for optimal sledding in sub-zero temps.

  • Handlebars & Risers

    Handlebars & Risers

    Upgrades you need for a fun, safe and active ride in the snow.

  • Lights


    Equipment that brightens up the trails and helps you lead the way day or night.

  • Covers


    Quality pieces to keep your sled protected from harsh elements when parked away.

  • Seats


    Superior seating options for unmatched comfort and safety.

  • Protection & Reinforcement

    Protection & Reinforcement

    Add-ons to protect your vehicle and keep it strong, no matter how hard you ride.

  • Electrical & Electronics

    Electrical & Electronics

    Parts to customize your sled for a little something extra on every journey.

That’s not all!

There’s so much to learn about our accessories. Find out all there is to know.