• Vibe Communication System by BRP

    Vibe Communication System by BRP

    Advanced integrated helmet communication system specifically designed for demanding winter conditions.
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  • 10.25" Color Touchscreen Display

    10.25" Color Touchscreen Display

    With its connectivity technologies and an easy-to-use interface with a premium design, this large touchscreen display provides an optimal experience to every ride.
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  • Rotax Engines

    Rotax Engines

    Rotax engines set the standard in power delivery, efficiency, reliability and ease of ownership.
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  • Radien Platform

    Radien Platform

    A confident and controlled riding experience is based on the Radien design that is created for the rider.
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  • Suspensions


    Lynx suspensions, designed for Nordic conditions, offer unique comfort, sportiness and performance in demanding snow conditions.
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  • Skis


    Lynx snowmobile skis are designed to offer precise and predictable steering in various Nordic snow conditions.
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  • BRP GO!

    BRP GO!

    Your one-stop shop for planning your snowmobile outings, alone or with friends.
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  • E-TEC SHOT Starter

    E-TEC SHOT Starter

    SHOT gives deep snow riders an advantage with push-button electric start functionality without the added weight of a starter or battery on your sled.
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  • LinQ Accessory System

    LinQ Accessory System

    The genius behind Lynx LinQ cargo accessories is their ability to adapt your sled to any adventure at the flip of a lever.
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